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Japanese Car Auctions

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If you are looking to buy a car from Japanese car auction, then Integrity Exports can help you. Integrity Exports is a Japanese company that sources several of cars from more than 120 automobile auctions held in Japan to customers all over the world. Japan is known for its massive car auctions such as USS Tokyo and HAA Kobe, but Japan also has numerous small- sized auctions with just a few hundreds of cars available. Each year around 8 million vehicles move across those Japanese auctions which are restricted to members-only, so when you work with Integrity Exports you are sure to have an extensive array of options to choose from.

Although Integrity Exports buys cars from Japanese auctions, they do not only have Japanese cars like Toyotas or available. Whether you are looking for a premium quality car like a Ferrari or McLaren or if you are looking for an everyday car for such as Volkswagen, Integrity Exports is sure to be able to find the right car for you. Integrity Exports has access to standard gasoline cars, diesel cars, electric cars and even hybrid cars. Among our wide array of sources form Japanese auctioned cars, you can find both brand new cars as well as old classic cars and even foreign right hand drive cars.

Integrity Exports purchases cars to source them to customers in 5 different continents. Integrity

Exports provides all kinds of assistance from the moment you begin contact with them. They work with you to find you the perfect car to suite your needs and interests as well as your budget. They also work hard to provide you with clearly translated information about possible cars you might be interested in as well as offer you the best possible English speaking customer service. Integrity Exports will handle the bidding and purchasing of your desired vehicle and also take care of all of the Japanese paperwork for deregistering the car and arranging the custom clearance.

Supreme Reliability

Integrity Exports is a registered member of the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association. Along with that, the company follows special guidelines to gain the trust of customers. There are over 40 positive and enthusiastic reviews available from existing satisfied customers. Since these reviews are verified by third-party companies, they bear the reliability of Integrity Exports.

Double Guarantee

Unlike other car exports, Integrity Exports offers a double guarantee that includes their guarantee to not exceed your agreed upon fixed budget and paying the difference if the cost at auction goes over. In addition, they provide you with the original invoice from the auction to show you the honest price they paid.

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